Eating together is central to the Asian cultures that inspire our food at sunoso. Our catering services make it easy for you to share our wonderful food with friends, family and colleagues, whatever the occasion.

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Why settle for sandwiches when you could treat your team to fresh sushi at lunchtime? Whatever you fancy from our take-out menu, with each portion delivered in an individual box. Just what you need when you’re busy thinking outside it.


Our food is a fusion of recipes, ingredients and flavours from across Asia. So what better choice when you’re bringing people together? Whether it’s an appetiser, buffet or a sit-down dinner, our healthier food will be the life and soul of your party.


With their vibrant colours, varied textures and outstanding flavours, our sushi and other Asian specialities will add a bit of theatre and sophistication to your next gathering, whether you’re entertaining friends and family, or colleagues and clients.