Seeing red

We’re often asked if our curry is spicy, and up to now, the answer’s been ‘sorry, no’. That’s because the Japanese, from whom we’ve taken our inspiration, like their curry fruity rather than fiery. But all that’s about to change, with the arrival of our new Red Curry on the sunoso menu.

Based on a Thai recipe and ingredients, our Red Curry is properly spicy, with butternut squash (instead of the more usual potato) imparting a subtle sweetness and a satisfyingly chunky texture. You can choose from Grilled Beef or Grilled Chicken, both priced at just £5.45.

For the perfect side dish, try another new addition – our pumpkin korokke. These are Japanese-style croquettes, made from mashed pumpkin that’s been rolled in breadcrumbs and deep-fried.

And if you like our chicken katsu, you may be pleased to learn we‘ve just introduced a new prawn katsu, too. There are more new dishes in the pipeline: see them first on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.


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